The Romanian Association Nuclear Energy (AREN), founded in 1990, is a professional, non-governmental and non-profit organization, having about 180 individual members working in the nuclear field and 7 organizational Supporter Members. AREN’s main goals are to inform and educate the different categories of public about the peaceful use of nuclear energy and to support the nuclear power development. AREN is a member of the ENS- European Nuclear Society since 1993.


The Romanian Atomic Forum (ROMATOM) is the association of the Romanian nuclear industry having the main goals to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy in Romania, supporting the national nuclear program and coordinating all activities undertaken by joining and participating in FORATOM – European Atomic Forum – Association.


Women in Nuclear Romania (WiN Ro) is the association of more than 100 women working in different sectors connected with peaceful use of nuclear energy: energy, R&D, medicine or public health. WiN Ro goal is to promote and support the nuclear program in Romania and worldwide and to inform general public, in a proper and transparent manner on the benefits and risks of using nuclear energy. WinRo is founded in 2011 and it is affiliated to WiN Global and WINEurope.